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  • PONGAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH | TAMILAR THIRUNAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH: Pongal, known as Thirunal in Tamils, is a festival intertwined with the lives of farmers Even though many festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu are associated with religion, the natural philosophical worship of Tamils is still alive today. 
  • Many festivals like Karthikai Deepam, Adiperku, Chitrai Full Moon can be added to this list. But till date Pongal is the festival that is celebrated by everyone in Tamil Nadu regardless of caste, religion or economic status.
  • In Tamil Nadu there are one-pogam, iru-pogam and muppogam harvesting zones, and these zones vary within a district. So generally the harvest of Thai month is celebrated as a harvest festival. 
  • Similarly, all crops such as vegetables, tubers, grains, flowers, etc., which are sown in Adipattam, are harvested in the month of Tai. Therefore, Tamils worshiped the birth day of Thai month as a day of thanksgiving to nature.


  • PONGAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH | TAMILAR THIRUNAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH: Farmers prepare for the festival by cleaning, cleaning and whitewashing unwanted items in the house before celebrating the Harvest Festival. Bogipantigai is a festival of burning unwanted things in the house. 
  • Bogipandigai is also worshiped as a day of thanksgiving for rain. Even now there is a widespread belief that at the end of the Margazhi there will be at least a light rain which is seen as an extension of this belief. 
  • Historians suggest that the practice of burning may have been due to the fact that the snow was very thick in those days when there were no pollutants.

Pongal Festival

  • PONGAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH | TAMILAR THIRUNAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH: With freshly harvested paddy, a new pot and a new stove, they put Pongal on the sun. Bunches of freshly harvested turmeric and ginger are tied in this pot. Harvested plants, vines, vegetables and tubers are cooked together and offered to the Sun. 
  • The special Pongal sugarcane of the Tamils is also offered to Surya. It is a festival of giving thanks not only to the sun, but also to the five gods including wind, sky, soil and water.


  • PONGAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH | TAMILAR THIRUNAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH: Cows were essential for agriculture in those days. Cows are needed for ploughing, cow dung and urine are needed to feed the crops, cows are needed to thresh the harvest and bring home the paddy. 
  • Similarly, a day is set aside to give thanks to the cows that help in every step of agriculture, and on that day cows are specially worshiped with Pongal.

Kaanum Pongal

  • PONGAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH | TAMILAR THIRUNAL ESSAY IN ENGLISH: Pongal is a day when people who have worked hard for weeks to prepare for Pongal, harvest, and clean their homes, celebrate their relationships with joy. On this day, sports competitions, Manjuvirattu, Jallikattu etc. are organized in the villages.

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